Your brand is your baby. Your time is money. These are maxims I live by, and I’ve structured my design process to be swift and smooth, from start to finish. To do this, I’ll start you out with a discovery call in which I’ll ask all the right questions I need answered in order to adequately quote the project.



After I’ve gathered necessary project info from you, I’ll draw up a proposal for your review. You’ll have ample time to look it over, and of course ask any questions before approval. As our client/contractor relationship builds, this step may become less formal should I continue with ongoing projects for your company, which is something we will discuss moving forward.



Upon proposal approval, we will discuss timeline expectations and I will begin the design phase. Here is where hiring a freelancer comes in handy; I have the capability of extremely quick turnarounds should you need them.



I’ll send you complete designs via email and, if necessary, schedule a phone call to review with you. After receiving your feedback, I’ll make any necessary updates and collaborate with you until you are ecstatic with the end product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Seeing as I am a digital nomad, I prefer online payment via PayPal (send to or direct deposit for consistent work. However, if you prefer, I accept payment via check to my permanent address: 375 Kirkland Ave #340, Kirkland, WA 98033.

My company uses its own project management system, can we add you to it?

Although I am perfectly efficient with my own project management tools, I am certainly capable of adapting to your company’s needs within your own platform. I have experience in Trello, Jira, Slack, CoSchedule, and Wrike yet am open to others should you need me to familiarize myself with something new.

Will I be able to make changes to your designs myself?

For small business clients, I understand the need to be able to make changes on the fly without the back-and-forth with a designer. During the Discovery phase, I will ask you questions to ensure I am designing in a format/program that is best for your needs. That being said, I do have much more creative freedom when using design programs that you may not have access to and will always prefer these over easily editable ones.

For WordPress websites, I offer a 1-2 hour training course on how to make most simple updates yourself post-launch. This is something we will discuss during the Discovery phase that I will include in your proposal if I see fit.

How should I share/receive very large files?

I will always share large files (that are too large for email) via Google Drive. The link(s) I provide will allow you to download the large file(s) easily and share with anyone else in your organization that may need access to them.

If you need to share large files with me for use in designs, you can use the service of your choice. If you share via DropBox, please provide a link that I can access and download without having a premium DropBox account.

Where are you located?

This is a loaded question because at this time I am a digital nomad, meaning I am not tied to one specific location. Although I was based in San Diego and now the Seattle area, I aim to offer my services to clients worldwide. I have established processes that ensure my work is consistent from any location.